5 professions in the technology area: opportunity and career

Gone are the days when only those with nominations reached the highest positions. Tech professions are being highly impacted by the freelance market and you can also find your space.

Let’s talk about 5 professions in the technology area that are on the rise and how to stand out to get positions in large companies or at least acquire relevant contacts. Follow up.

Professions in the field of technology

Have you started your IT studies but still not sure where to go? Check out some suggestions below.

Database manager

Due to LGPD , the professional who manages the database is even more valued in the market. Since 2020, companies are having to go through reformulations and take the collected data much more seriously, investing in their administration and security.

This profession is well known around the world also by the name of database administrator (DBA), so if your English is up to date, you will also have great opportunities internationally.

A database administrator handles the creation, installation, monitoring, repair and analysis of database structures. The data can be as varied as possible depending on the marketing strategy applied on the website that collects it.

These may involve credit card details, location, age, and more.

You must ensure the integrity and organization of this data, enabling quick query or reporting capability.

Literally any business that has a website can – and most likely will – depend on a DBA. So, if you are interested in this area, opportunity is not lacking.

Software Engineer

The internet is constantly expanding, as is the market for it. Software engineers are some of those who benefit most from this, after all companies need platforms, programs and applications to act and offer for their customers to use, facilitating the purchase and contact experience.

There is a small difference between the software engineer and the developer. In practice, the service can be very similar, but as an engineer, the professional has a duty to understand and apply engineering concepts that go beyond coding, bringing the environment and user experience to much higher levels.

A software engineer handles the creation of new programs, apps and platforms, as well as their maintenance, updating and analysis.

The areas are as diverse as possible, so I recommend that you start thinking about the niche that interests you the most: security, pure or applied coding, game development, commerce, etc.

Specialize in one area and you’ll have even more chances to grow.

Systems Analyst

Are you good with fixes? Do you detect problems where no one else sees them and know how to act and explore alternatives to solve them? If so, you have great potential to be a systems analyst.

This technology professional analyzes, documents, designs, implements, tests and manages systems for companies and individual customers. He is primarily responsible for detecting program problems and developing solutions. Its main objective is always to improve the productivity of the system and achieve the best user experience, when it is linked to the public.

IT infrastructure and business in general are the spaces most likely to need a systems analyst, so try to establish yourself targeting these areas.

Web Developer (and Web Developer)

This professional programs, encodes and tests systems, websites and portals aimed at any internet environment. You will often be mistaken as a web developer, so critical thinking skills and UI & UX design are very important, in addition to mastering multiple programming languages.

Programmers have a responsibility to carry out tasks; a more technical approach to design. This is the main difference.

He also tests systems and looks for solutions and development on top of programs already developed, while the developer usually works more at the root of the projects.

Both professions are on the rise due to the high demand for website creation that exists every day and the development of the digital market.

Specialize in the area you prefer and know how to explain your service to your customer.

How to get my professional space online?

Previously, everything depended on referrals and contacts. In fact, these options are still hugely important for us to grow in our careers, but there are other relevant options as well.

The main “alternative method” is becoming an attention-grabbing freelancer.

Developers? Analysts? Engineers? Many, but few are those who invest well in personal branding , a presence portfolio and interpersonal communication.

With countless freelancer platforms with thousands of customer requests every month, opportunities to start at the bottom and quickly rise to the top abound.

Invest in your self-presentation and don’t expect a call to a position in a fixed company. Keep working and learning as much as possible how to apply your knowledge to solve practical problems in society.

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