Find out if there is a free pre-college course

Preparation is essential for students to obtain good scores on tests throughout their lives, as in the case of the National Secondary Education Examination (ENEM). The tip is to always make a study schedule and keep discipline up to date. In addition, a free pre-university course also helps immensely in absorbing the contents.

In order to help you succeed in this endeavor, we are going to show you throughout this post what are the paths to follow through classes taught by qualified teachers who focus on entrance exams.

What is a pre-university course?

As the name implies, a pre-university course is a preparation carried out before the day of the exam through classes that focus on subjects related to High School.

Considering that there is a lot of content referring to the three years of the school period in all subjects in the areas of Humanities, Exact and Biological Sciences, the course manages to bring together all subjects in very didactic classes.

In this way, students can strengthen their learning if they are attending high school or remember what was taught at that time in life.

The focus is on the entrance exam and the Enem , in other words, the teachers use exercises that simulate the tests and also help to unravel tricks.

Thus, the preparation is much stronger, being a big boost for those who dream of going to a renowned college.

Why is it important to take a pre-university course?

There are numerous advantages to taking a pre-university course. After all, it is an investment that results in good results. But, of course, it all depends on the student’s effort and dedication. See some benefits we selected.

Discipline and organization in studies

With classes taught by specialist professors in entrance exams, it is possible to organize better. That’s because the professionals provide tips on the study schedule, focus, concentration, discipline and how to plan according to the desired educational institution.

In addition, it is possible to strengthen the studies in the specific subjects of the chosen course, considering that the weights are different, especially in Enem.

You will have more tools to do well on the tests, as the courses have not only classes, but also simulations, essay corrections, exercises, not to mention the knowledge of teachers that can be explored throughout the classes.

The didactic material also makes a difference and helps in the process of both learning and absorbing the contents.

Classes are updated and there are always tips that are extremely important for you to do well in exams , that is, whoever takes a pre-university course comes out ahead of the competition.

Follow up with experts

Imagine yourself studying alone at home. Imagine how you would correct a Physics exercise or find out where you went wrong while writing?

These are limitations that a pre-university course has yet to overcome. After all, the professors answer questions and are always available to help with their studies.

By better understanding the content, you will be more dedicated, having a considerable improvement in performance.

In the correction of simulated tests, for example, teachers provide tips and present the latest trends in the main entrance exams as well as in Enem , including guidance on possible topics for writing and corrections .

Full student support

Generally, by enrolling in a pre-university course, you will have greater support on your journey towards your professional dream.

Support can be both in teaching and in the psychological and emotional aspect, and even in choosing a profession.

After all, there is stress in preparing for the entrance exams or Enem. To avoid overloading or even burnout, nothing better than guidance from those who know the subject.

With the internet, support is essential in improving the quality of teaching, providing the student with good resources to maintain a healthy routine and focusing on the subjects that need to be studied.

After all, is there a free pre-university course?

The answer to that question is yes. A free pre-university course is usually present at academic centers of colleges, NGOs, social projects, etc. But many of them can be accessed on internet portals.

With the advancement of technology and the need for social isolation imposed by the pandemic, numerous study possibilities emerged on the network.

But the tip is to always choose the courses that have tradition and credibility in the market, with quality classes and support materials that help your performance.

Difference between classroom and online courses!

free face-to-face pre-university entrance exam course is when the student needs to attend classes, usually at night.

Online, on the other hand, it takes place on a teaching platform, with video lessons that are recorded and can be accessed at any time of the day.

Thus, you optimize time, reduce costs and still have flexibility in your routine.

In classroom, classes follow a schedule, while in online, it is the student who defines which are the most important, that is, there is more flexibility for you to focus on the intended course.

Check out Stoodi’s free online entrance exam course!

As distance learning is a trend that is here to stay, a free and quality pre-college college course is Stoodi.

You can learn about the platform without having to close a paid plan, including classes focused on Enem.

The course has prepared teachers who know in depth the tricks of the main tests. Classes are dynamic and with a very didactic language, always focusing on your understanding.

Soodi is accessed via a login and password . Upon entering the platform, you will be able to create a study schedule, fully valuing the time available for its preparation.

There are thousands of exercises, infographics, simulations, topics for essays and corrections that help your evolution.

That way, it’s easier to do well, whether in Enem or in highly competitive exams with their own entrance exams, such as the Instituto Tecnológico Aeronáutico (ITA).

What is the difference between Stoodi and other online courses?

The main difference is that Stoodi has a quality professional monitoring , with a focus on Enem.

Classes are easy to understand and teachers receive constant training, which helps in the teaching-learning process.

The structure of the platform is dynamic, very intuitive and with a system that is always up and running.

In addition, there is monitoring to answer questions, a study plan according to the intended course and didactics for teachers.

There are plans that fit in your pocket and even a free pre-university course focused on Enem, in other words, Stoodi is ideal to strengthen your preparation.

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