How can Instagram automation tools increase your sales

Buying real Instagram likes is still a good way to gain specific momentum at some point in your social media marketing strategy. However, this is a strategy that should be used in a controlled manner and focused on achieving specific results, such as powering Instagram’s automation tools to increase your sales.

Yes! There are automation tools that can make your actions on Instagram much easier and, consequently, bring better results to your strategy. Remember that Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in Brazil, with 66 million active Brazilian users. It is, therefore, one of the main platforms to promote your content and generate engagement to have more sales.

Want to understand how Instagram automation tools can increase your sales? Then follow reading the article below!

What are automation tools?

Have you ever noticed how simple everyday things are composed of several tasks? For example, think about washing the dishes. You need:

● remove all other food from the plates;

● wash dishes with water;

● put detergent on the sponge;

● scrub the dish with the sponge;

● wash the dish to remove the soap;

● put the dish on the drying rack.

Note how many of these tasks are repetitive and therefore could easily be automated by a robot. It’s always the same movements as throwing food in the trash, washing dishes with water, adding detergent and so on.

If that’s the way it is with something relatively simple like washing the dishes, why shouldn’t it be the same with an Instagram strategy?

Automation tools are those that take small parts of your social media strategy and optimize it by putting a program to do it for you.

What can Instagram automation tools do?

Instagram’s automation tools can do a lot for you. Many indeed! They can, for example:

● automatically follow users from specific accounts, such as those belonging to some predetermined niche or following competing accounts;

● schedule posts in Stories and in your Feed;

● like and/or comment on other people’s content;

● issue reports.

Based on all of this, you can make your job much easier by putting automation tools in place to handle these small or time-consuming tasks in your day-to-day, but which could simply be managed by an algorithm.

For example, look at the strategy of following multiple profiles so they know about your page based on notifications from new followers (ie, the person joins, sees that you’ve followed them, and goes to your profile to see your content). It consists of needing to go to the profiles of certain pages and look for followers to follow them one by one. Doing all this manually can take hours. The cost-effectiveness is very high. Having a tool do it for you is much faster and still allows you to do something else while it works.

How do these actions bring you more sales?

Now that we understand how automation tools work, one can assume how they help bring more sales to a store or business.

First, automation dramatically reduces the time it takes to do a task, as well as doing it more completely, cheaper, and more efficiently.

Second, automation greatly streamlines your sales funnel. Suppose your Instagram strategy is to build an audience and heat it up by interacting with everyone in your comments, then make ads based on the people who have interacted with you in the last 30 days. A tool can do practically all this on its own, just program it. This is all done in a few days, whereas it would be done in months without the tool.

Also, to top it off, automation ensures that your Instagram page is working 24 hours a day. Even when you’re asleep, she’ll be there, closing sales for you.

Ready! Now that you’ve seen how Instagram’s automation tools can increase your social media profile sales, it’s clear you want to start using them. After all, who doesn’t want to cut costs and increase sales, especially clearing time from their schedule? However, be careful with implementing these features. Take it easy, start slowly and test the implementation of each instrument well. Starting small is ideal for going far and successfully.

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