Investing in education: find out how a loan can help

Want to start investing in studies, but money is tight? Discover the best way to start your professional qualification without worrying about the financial side. 

Year after year, the job market demands that professionals are better qualified to meet the demands and new styles of work. 10 years ago, for example, it was not common to use the internet and electronic devices and, therefore, even basic knowledge in this field was dispensed with.

However, the generation has changed. Nowadays, a job rarely hires without the professional knowing, at least, how to use an Office package. The ways of working were readapted and the worker found himself in a professional relocation and search for more knowledge.

Thinking about this change and the need to invest in studies, we will show here some forms of student financing and a phenomenal tip for those who are short on money, but don’t want to stop investing in their course. Stay here and understand more about the subject! 

Studying is synonymous with growing

A few years ago, the act of studying was given only to the richest people, who had a school close to home and financial conditions to maintain their studies. Who has never heard their grandparents tell countless stories about the difficulties they went through to complete primary school? 

But as we see, the days have changed. Education is more democratic and the exorbitant number of public schools means that young people are included in this world of infinite knowledge. There are criticisms about this teaching, but it is not in our hands to judge it or make any value judgment. 

However, this opening that basic education has given young people is not similar to those who want to enter higher education. The number of people who have a degree has grown, but it is still low in relation to the number of people in Brazil. In other words, studying is synonymous with growing, but it’s still not everyone’s thing. 

Student Finance Programs 

Thinking about the great demand that exists in Brazil for admission to universities, we created a short list presenting the student financing programs that exist in the country and that immerse young people and adults in this world of knowledge.

It is important to highlight that they have pros and cons, despite being the salvation for countless people. It’s up to you to filter the one that fits the best and pay attention to the very important tip that we’ll give you right away. Follow: 

Loan: Faithful

The Fies program is, without a shadow of a doubt, the most famous student financing project in the country. It opened up for thousands of people to enter private universities and be able to pay tuition after graduation. 

 The amount charged for each month at college was added to the final bill, which came right after graduation – with interest. For those who got a job right after graduation, this was the ideal program, but many people problematize and even fled the project for fear of finding themselves unemployed and not being able to pay the amount. 

Therefore, when hiring this program, you need to be down to earth and be very careful. The final amount to be paid is always high, in addition to the interest that is added, and if you are out of a job you can snowball.

Loan: For Real

The PraValer project, which is very similar to Fies, also allows the student to pay the monthly fee later, only differing in the amount of time each program stipulates.

PraValer is semiannual and charges the student after 6 months at the higher institution, with interest a little lower, but with a very short period for payment. In other words, it is a momentary solution, not suitable for those who want a long-term scholarship. 

Loan: Educa Mais Brazil

Last but not least on this list, there is the Educa Mais Brasil program. This is the most popular among all, as it actually offers scholarships, which do not need to be paid after completing the course – and, in addition, it also exists for basic education.

Despite giving this relief for the discount, the number of scholarships is low in relation to those interested in the project. So, if you want to compete, be aware that the chances are low, and you can get low and almost insignificant discounts. 

Home equity loan for studies

There are numerous student loans in Brazil, and we highlight the three main ones present in universities. They have countless advantages, but their disadvantages can even irreversibly harm the student.

In case you are afraid of this situation, another excellent tip would be to take out a loan with a property guarantee . At companies like CashMe , which specializes in this type of loan, it offers rates of less than 1%, in addition to payment within 180 months. In other words, it is the ideal financing to pay for your studies and not harm your pocket.

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