Understand how to pay the Enem bill ?

The day is coming and you are already getting ready, but the question is still how to pay the Enem ticket ? So, rest assured that this is a simple task and we will explain everything you need to know!

The National High School Exam is one of the most important tests in the country. The first step to confirm your participation and try for a place in Higher Education is to register – which is only confirmed with the payment of the bank slip.

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What is Enem’s billet?

A bank slip is a document generated to facilitate the payment of something, such as an application fee or an electricity bill. When the amount owed is directly to the federal government, we are talking about a GRU (Union Collection Guide).

In this case, paying off the ticket is what will allow each student to be an official Enem candidate , as long as they do not fit the exemption criteria. The proof will serve as a guarantee that the person has paid the amount due and will be able to take the exam.

When is Enem’s bill generated?

From the moment registration is open, anyone can enter Enem’s website to complete their registration and issue the bank slip. Of course, there is a prerequisite of having completed high school or being about to finish this cycle, since before that the application is not accepted.

After filling in all the requested data, the bank slip is automatically generated in the MEC (Ministry of Education) system. The document is available for access until the registration deadline, being possible to download and print as many times as necessary.

When do the registrations for Enem open?

The dates are announced each year by the organizing team. For the 2021 Enem , the deadline started on July 30th and ended 15 days later. Therefore, it is very important to keep an eye on the news if you are interested in taking the exam, mainly because there is no exit after the end.

In other words, those who do not apply on time must wait for next year’s edition. A good tip is to follow our social networks (such as Instagram profile ) and follow all posts.

Where is it possible to pay the Enem billet?

As we said, the bank slip facilitates the document and can be paid in any of the following places:

  • lottery;
  • Post offices;
  • Bank agencies;
  • internet banking.

If in the past you had to print the sheet and go to the bank to pay, now in just a few seconds you can do it all. When generating the bank slip, make a virtual barcode reading by a bank application and complete the transaction. This is the easiest way to guarantee your participation in Enem!

Can I pay even when the deadline has expired?

When a boleto is due, in some cases it can be paid after the due date — including the amount of the fine and interest rate charged per day of delay. This is not possible with Enem’s billet , so stay tuned!

Normally, GRU offers a few days until registration closes. Like this? If the registration period ends on July 14th, you have about 4 days more to pay the fee and confirm your participation.

This limit is important for the MEC to close the right amount of candidates and not wait too long for payments to be confirmed.

This means that it is essential to pay attention to the payment slip due date and try to pay as soon as possible so as not to run the risk of forgetting. Leaving it to the last minute can be a big mistake, because unforeseen events happen.

Who doesn’t need to pay the Enem billet?

There are two candidate profiles that are exempt from paying the Enem registration fee :

  • students who are completing high school in public schools, as long as they inform the name of the educational institution and it is accredited in the School Census;
  • low-income students who prove a condition of social vulnerability, which must be done at the time of registration using the socioeconomic need form.

Apart from these two situations, all other applicants must pay the full amount of the ticket, within the period specified in the document.

Another important detail is that those who already received the exemption in previous years and did not take the test, will probably have difficulties to get the benefit again. That is, don’t miss out if you’ve benefited!

Can the amount be paid in installments or refunded?

No. In 2021, the registration fee was R$85, which should be paid in a single installment . The tip for those who don’t have all that money available is to add them little by little in the months before signing up. Or, who knows, find a source of extra income to be able to pay the full amount.

Once payment is made, the amount cannot be returned. Even if you end up not taking the test, the MEC is counting on your participation and there is no refund. This should only happen if the exam is cancelled, which never happened.

How to prepare for Enem?

The secret to getting a good grade on the test could not be different: study hard during preparation. Set up a schedule until the day of the exam, considering all the subjects and also tasks such as training the essay . Did you know that here at Stoodi you can find personalized study plans ? Try and enjoy all the content!

Anyway, now you know everything you need to do to pay Enem’s bill. If you have already completed this step, devote all your time to studying to get the best possible result. But if you’re going to take the exam next year, keep an eye on the calendar from the beginning of the year so you don’t miss any deadlines!

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