Understand what the Enem confirmation card is and what it is for ?

Participating in Enem requires that the candidate know a lot of new terms and stay on top of things that, until then, were not part of their daily lives. We know this is a lot of new information! Therefore, it is essential that you understand everything so that you do not blur.

One of the new terms that college students are faced with is the Enem confirmation card . What will this be? What is it for? What are your functions?

With these doubts in mind, we prepared a complete content on the subject. So, you will get all your questions answered! And, to top it off, we’ll also pass on some tips for you to prepare for the Enem (and other entrance exams) in the best possible way. Come on?

What is Enem’s confirmation card?

The Enem confirmation card is a document issued virtually by INEP (National Institute of Educational Studies and Research Anísio Teixeira) to candidates who are registered and able to participate in the Enem (National High School Examination) exams.

The card is issued annually after confirming the candidate’s registration and releasing the test locations. Its broadcast is widely reported in the media (such as newspapers and the internet), so keep an eye out!

What is the Enem confirmation card for?

The confirmation card serves, as the name implies, to confirm your registration. From its issuance, you are 100% sure that you are participating in Enem’s selection process. And more: you can use it to confirm this to the inspectors in case something goes wrong on the day of your exam.

But that is not all! The card also has important information, which we’ll talk about in the next topic. Come on?

What information is contained in the Enem confirmation card?

Below, check the information that can be seen on the confirmation card :

  • date of exams;
  • time in which the tests will take place (start and end foreseen);
  • gate closing time;
  • test location (address and name of the educational institution);
  • room in which you will take the exam;
  • foreign language chosen by you upon registration;
  • your data (name, CPF and Enem registration number).

In other words: it’s a complete summary of everything you need to know about your exam day! Having him around is a great strategy so that nothing goes wrong, okay?

Do I need to take my confirmation card for the Enem test?

Not necessarily. In the Enem edict, it is specified that there is no need to take the card with you until the day of the exam.

However, we recommend that you do so. You never know what might happen. If your name is not on the candidate list for the room where you are assigned to take the test? This is an example of a situation where the card would solve all your problems.

But if you can’t print the document, don’t worry. You can take a screenshot of it and take it on your cell phone. The validity is the same!

Remembering that the access to the confirmation card is done by logging into the Participant’s Page , on INEP’s website.

How to prepare for Enem?

To close our chat, let’s know some cool tips to optimize your preparation for Enem!

Make a study schedule

The first step to succeed in the Enem test is to ensure that your studies are organized. In that case, putting together a good schedule should be your priority!

The Stoodi Study Plan is a good choice for any student! With it, you have access to a personalized schedule for you, which takes into account the time available for studies and the course of your choice.

Solve many questions about the themes

The resolution of issues cannot be left out either. This is a fundamental tactic for you to fix the content and clarify any doubts about the concepts.

On Stoodi , you have access to over 30,000 exercises, all with video resolution. And, of course, you can answer your questions with our monitors whenever you need!

make simulations

Simulations also help a lot in fixing and reviewing content, but that’s not all. They are essential for you to become familiar with the race and feel more relaxed on the big day.

Stoodi also offers custom simulations, with unique questions and in the Enem style. Our score takes the TRI parameters into account , so you can see what you need to improve to achieve your cutoff score.

Watch various video classes

Stoodi’s platform has more than 5,000 video classes in all subjects seen in high school. Our modules are complete, with classes on each subject of the discipline and an efficient review, which summarizes the main concepts.

In addition, we also have lives on the main content charged on Enem. Our live video lessons allow you to interact with teachers and other students in real time.

train writing

Careful writing is an essential point for a good average in Enem. In addition, many institutions use different weights in this notebook, making it even more influential in the final grade.

In addition to doing a lot of writing, you need to know what you’re doing wrong so you can improve, right? At Stoodi, you have writing correction and have access to all the tips and tricks to do well!

Choose a good course to help you

Finally, a good strategy to do well in Enem is to ensure the help of a good course! Stoodi is a great alternative for those who want to quickly pass the course of dreams.

Here, we have ongoing student support in addition to all the benefits already mentioned. During

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