Which IT course guarantees a well-paid position ?

Thanks to the constant advancement of technology, the Information Technology area is one of the fastest growing. After all, more and more people are needed to develop and maintain the systems and platforms we use every day.

IT professionals are always being hired all over the world, and the more extensive their knowledge, the greater their chances of conquering great positions, with great remuneration.

For many people looking to enter the job market or change careers, the IT field is very attractive. But the question remains as to which specific area of ​​this vast field is the best, and can guarantee better paid positions.

What is IT and what does your professional do?

The Information Technology area, known as IT, is responsible for managing the flow of information (data) in corporate networks. Data is managed through systems, software and other tools, making it one of the biggest tasks of the IT professional.

The professional aims to ensure the proper functioning of the technological structure of a company, being able to work in systems maintenance, development of solutions, among other areas that make up IT.

What areas of IT?

With each new technology that emerges, it is necessary to train specialists to operate it, making it increasingly have micro sectors in the IT area. Between them:

  • Network Administration
  •  Business Intelligence
  • Cloud Computing Specialist
  • database administration
  • E-Commerce Specialist
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Schedule
  • Information security
  • Mobile programming
  •  Technical support

Which IT courses generate the most paid positions?

1. Software Development

The software development professional is responsible for creating or maintaining different types of systems. They are usually programming professionals who specialize in one or more specific languages. Or specialize in programming for a particular market niche.

This profession is on the rise at the moment, due to the growing demand for web systems and software that need to be developed. The position’s remuneration can vary from R$ 5 to 15 thousand reais per month.

2. Information management or database administration

This professional is responsible for installing, managing and configuring databases, as well as monitoring them. An information manager can manage databases for one or more companies at the same time.

To hold the position, you must have specialization in a specific database or have a comprehensive knowledge of the main databases used by companies (Oracle, SQL, among others).

With the increase in data that companies collect every day, the need for a professional who knows how to monitor and control this data also remains on the rise. The salary for this position can vary from R$ 3 to 9,000 reais.

3. Usability/Interface (UX or UI)

This professional is responsible for the experience that the user will have on a certain platform, system or website. It takes care of the way the interface will guide the user, as well as the way it presents itself.

In addition to IT professionals, to work in the UX or UI areas, it is possible to graduate in design with this type of specialization. The professional will do usability tests, in addition to developing solutions to improve the user experience with that platform.

This profession is on the rise because, more and more, companies want to promote satisfying experiences to their users. The salary can vary from R$ 4 to 15 thousand reais per month.

What skills does the IT professional need?

The technology area has particularities that require some skills from professionals, such as:

1. Constant search for knowledge

As it is a field that constantly evolves, it is necessary that the professional is always up-to-date in order to master the best techniques and tools.

2. Analytical thinking

The IT professional’s job is full of data analysis to figure out which way to go. And to achieve a satisfactory result ensuring the company’s safety, it is important that he knows how to plan, execute, verify and carry out the maintenance and improvement of processes. 

It is also necessary to know the best ways to use the available tools and to use them safely. After all, taking care of the entire corporate network is important.

For this, the professional must invest in a secure private connection, using VPN. But to ensure that company data is not breached, you only need to use Windows-tested VPNs throughout your organization.

Knowing the best ways to use available systems and software can help protect your company’s data and devices.

3. Teamwork

The IT professional must know how to work well with other professionals and departments, as many of the tasks depend on information provided by others. Furthermore, very complex processes need to be done by more professionals.

4. Languages

Although it is not a rule, most technologies in the IT area are all in English , so having an intermediate knowledge of this language makes it easier to use various tools.

So, ready to invest in an IT course that helps secure you a well-paid position?

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